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lare’s ceramics reflect her love for the natural world, capturing its organic textures, patterns and rhythms through the receptive medium of clay. She designs and makes her pieces by hand using predominantly porcelain clay, together with hand-building, printmaking and casting techniques. Using these processes, Clare creates intricate surface patterns that flow across the landscape of her sculpture. She is inspired by photomontage, cyanotype and collage. For multi-part works, sections are fused together using bamboo sticks so as not to disturb the delicate print.

Small Sculptures

Clare's small pieces investigate the intimate nooks and crannies of the coastline and hedgerows of the South-West of England. Clare…

Wall Art & Installation

The collections are made up of multiples ceramic forms that are collaged together, post firing. These pieces are often created…


The vessels are constructed from leaves collected from nature walks and gardening expeditions. In the studio these specimens are then…

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